time alignes needs   &   alignment needs time

time alignes needs   & alignment needs time


For mathematicians lines are just an alignment of points - and as points have no dimension, are "nothing", as well lines are nothing they can handle (2-sided infinity ...)


For visionaries, on the other side, it´s possible to align all points towards their direction and target. 


As well between the 3 prior blogs, there is a line: a time-line. The original point exploded - via a big-bang - due to energy surching for liberty. That energy was converted into (among others) 2 new contradicting "points": planets/stars and black-holes.


With time, all points (needs) will find ways (visionaires) that unify forces to change the ex-status into new dimensions. And, as well as in universe, a point (need) may lead to a lot of new constructive planets (businesses). And too big "constructions" (centralizing states, state interventions, debt-bubbles, bad-banks, ...) will come to a point (pinprick), where they implode towards destructive "black-holes" - and by collapsing of all those constructions with too little energy (efficiency), their energy-rests are squeezed out - and can be used for new constellations (stars and planets). All "in line"! - At least for the liberty surching powerful stars and planets ;-) . Time will show.


Time aligns needs. The alignment of economy-"points" (-challenges) towards astronomy-rules will need some time. But the time-line has started. It´s already more than a point or two ...




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    Pablo (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 21:37)

    time as well paints - you´r on the right direction

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    Crish (Monday, 23 February 2015 10:34)

    as far as I know, time is a separate dimension