crossings complicate simplicity & crossings simplify correlations


crossings complicate simplicity & crossings simplify correlations


Is somebody crossing your plans? Then it´s you who has thought too simple - and not the other is to blame. Be open-minded and thankful - and add the new thinking to your way. The more (universe-)“dimensions” (!) you consider, the better your way.


The cross-thinking was a tremendous step towards optimization of a result out of two correlating dimensions. The “if – then”-thinking has been a tremendous break-through in economic efficiency.


But if – as often in politics – there is no real correlation between the dimensions of interventions, in-efficiency will replace efficiency. Crossing not correlating interests, always complicate the simplicity of things – mainly via those political people not being able or not willing to consider right and left on their way. On the long way, those who only complicate simplicity will lose – but lamentably then, the wealth of nations will always have already declined more, than without interventions.


The universe was - and is - more intelligent. All dimensions were created and considered from the beginnings.  And astronomy lets the universe (“market”) forces go their way – automatically and always simplifying and optimizing correlations of forces, crossing and balancing each other: by themselves – without an political artificial way.

Thus: Should there be too much crosses on your way - change your "galaxy"! The Universe is endless. And there are lots of galaxies.



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    Crish (Monday, 23 February 2015 10:30)

    but 2 lines, still, are nothingness, as you pointed out before, a line cosists of points, and a point is nothingness, as it has no dimensions

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    nadin (Friday, 20 March 2015 14:20)

    at streets we have lights at crossings, like in universe there are rules - but how can all those crossing-out´s in real life be regulated?

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    Albert (Friday, 20 March 2015 14:36)

    With liberty - and just some main rules on behaviour.
    Traffic-lights are not the best way for regulating. If you compare traffic-circuits (without traffic-lights) with the traffic at traffic-lights, the traffic with circuits is far more fluent - liberty is giving better results. And if, in respect of the other (crossing) way, you would build a tunnel below it, or a bridge above the crossing way, that would give each way absulte liberty for their ways. In astronomy all things use the space in all directions to "go their way".