3D enabled room & room enabled space

3D enabled room   &

room enabled space


When thinking about 3D most people think about a box or chamber – and only orientate themselves within that box. But most (re-)orientation possibilities and chances are outside the box …


Mathematically 3D means adding the “applicate” and getting the “Cartesian” coordinate system ;-) . That is a system with 6 endless directions. It is not necessarily a box.


Astronomically, 3D is no box at all. It is endless – and it is rather round like a ball. And as universe looks for efficiency, it made its planets and stars like balls – and as well the oldest galaxies are like balls: elliptic-galaxies.


When 2D-car-parking is a problem for some people, 3D-plane-landing might be impossible for them. Multidimensional thinking in today’s world is tremendously important. We can learn a lot via dealing with universal forces and rules.



And learning to think in all dimensions will help mankind and increase global wealth.




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