time bears age  &  age buries time


time bears age & age buries time.


That´s valid for all – except the time.


The 4th dimension, time, therefore is the oldest. Time is present everywhere at any time. Time accompanies everything from the start to the end. Time adapts to - and optimizes aspects of - its holder and the holder´s constellations. In universe & on our earth.


If a planet optimizes – and Einstein found it does - it´s orbit, it might circulate longer, faster, wider.

If a person or a company optimize  their productivity, they might live longer, work faster, widen action-fields.

Time is relative – and adapts. But the direction of the adaptation still is initiated somewhere else.


At Newton´s gravity-findings, time may be just found at its counterpart: within the velocity of fluctuation. Thus, within Centralising/ accroaching (gravitating) governments, the main maintaining forces come from those, trying to keep things rotating. But when the system growths too big to be kept moving, it will implode as a super-nova, be reduced to a point, to nothingness.

At Einstein´s special theory of relativity, time is an essential aspect. It is to be found within the squared light-speed (c²)squared in order to apply to the speed far more importance than to the mass (m, with its gravitation) E = m*c².


In the end, the same amount of energy will be squeezed out of the matter. Either via a mega-nova-implosion due to gravity at a standstill – or via an mega-expansion due to heat at square-light-velocity (see as well formulas relativating Einstein in the book “Astronomic Solutions – a new model of universe” from Albert Bright, which you might shop at this site  ;-)  ...


It is the same Energy spread out of matter. But at the end-of-matter-time via gravity-implosion there will just remain a point, nothingness. And at the end-of-matter-time via velocity-explosion, it will be an endless dimension what remains. Accroachism versus Liberalism.


It´s your choice!




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