a point is nothing - but - zero is a point

a point is nothing – but -

a zero is a point ...  thus:

the existence of the non-excitence should be determined as the 5th dimension.

For mathematicians a point has no dimensions, is nothing. But the lines of dimensions and time consists of a lot of points. And the zero is a figure between -1 and +1.

But although our universe started at a point – and all (less time) will end at a point – all astronomy models up to now were not able to consider the start nor end in the formulas. But it is a 5th dimension.

As neither starting nor ending points can´t be considered up to now – points are as mysterious as time. This fifth dimension should be considered as just the opposite of time. It´s like “off” an “on” for electricity. It´s like “0” and “1” for programmers. It´s like “nothingness” and “universe” for astronomers. 

And even after 13.8 billion years which our universe exists, still there are new “points” (stars) emerging from “nothingness” (nebulas). And “nobody” is attempting nor will ever be able to “get (all) the points” to be considered - even less, as each point (planet/star) goes (optimizes) its own way (Einstein). This liberalism of universe is, what would generate great wealth on earth as well.

The “recessions” ("catastrophes") of universe were mostly restricted to small areas. And as nobody intervenes, “economically/politically” the problem keeps restricted. The opposite of intervention is valid: the wide range between a single atom and the (suspected) outside shell of universe are leaded by “just” one “single” formula (Einstein´s General Theory of Relativity) – all is obeying a fantastic formula – with no “political” interventions at all. That means: all state-political/economical interventions should be restricted to an absolute minimum: to the maximum for human rights – and every human will optimize its way, like planets/stars already do. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – lamentably the ideals of the French Revolution (the big-bang for human rights) - 200 years ago - have still not yet universally been implemented – not for humanity nor for economy. 100 years after Einstein´s findings (1915, General Theory of Relativity), would be a nice anniversary to start implementing astronomy-rules to economy-challenges and human-rights-liberty. Worldwide. Point by point. As our 5th dimenion: Wealth.

Let´s work on it.


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    Jeremias (Monday, 23 March 2015 09:21)

    Then liberty is the 5th dimension?

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    Albert (Saturday, 28 March 2015 09:55)

    For humanity yes, for astronomy the liberty lies in space (3 dimensions) and time (4th dimension). The 5th dimension which I mean, needs to be considered is the "point". All starts at a point and ends at a point. But starting and ending is not considered in the actual models - with the excuse, that it is a "singularity". In my opinion starting and ending is a perpetuum mobile in our universe - no "singularity" at all. And in our human world - just to transmit universe-rules to human-challenges - we could be setting a lot of points that might expand like the universe after the point of the big-bang exploded, if, and that is the "point", if only there would be more libety in our world.