relativating Einstein - via - extrapolating Newton


relativating Einstein – via - extrapolating Newton – & - powons-ing perpetuum-mobile.


“Astronomic Solutions” – THE dimensions-book.


The truth lies in between. Between Energy and Gravity. Between square-light-velocity and stand-still. Between endless dimensions and a point. Between pictures and nothingness. Between theory and reality.


In universe, the “between” of the “reality” part of our “truth” only lies at 4% (and only 0,4% are visible via light) of the complete scala. 23% are still “dark matter” and 73% are still “dark forces”,  96% of things which we still do not know.


Traspassing this relations to politics means, that what we see is only 0,4% of our believed 4% reality. And that 96% are un-known dimensions. Thus, it´s not a good idea to intervene. It´s better to let the forces run their way, and just concentrate on a minimum: the maximum of liberty.


And even within these 4% of “reality” we know, the truth lies in between. The same amount of “E”, energy, might be achieved by Einsteins square-light-velocity OR Newtons gravity-standstill (“just” exrapolated to the dimensions of Einstein´s thinkings).


And both equations only consider the “visible” or “thinkable” 4% part of the universe. In this part, the energy (which we know) is constant (as to Einstein), though appearing in different forms (energy-waves, matter, velocity, heat, …).



These constant 4% are (Einsteins) “E”. And they are continuously being mixed with and by the “dark” rest of 96%. The 100% then must be a "constant" as well (the “POW”), just appearing in different forms (“powons” – Energy only being one of the “powon”-forms) – and mixing within an perpetuum mobile.


All these thoughts - and all the past dimension-blogs - are aspects addressed in the book


“Astronomic Solutions” by Albert Bright



ISBN 978-0-9930836-0-0, written in a comprehensive way 



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    Jeremias (Monday, 23 March 2015 09:14)

    Very interesting thoughts