matter tends to moving free - humans need more liberty

Matter tends to moving free – humans need more liberty.


Matter has liberty – humans want more.

After having had a small insight at some “dimensions of universe” and possible ideas out of them for our lives, we now would like to compare some “forces of universe” with aspects happening on our world.


Matter tends to move. The first Newton-Law from 1686. Before this discovery the theory of Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.E) predominated, that matter tends to achieve a standstill. 2,000 years wrong thinking.


Humans tend to move as well. Watch a baby. Starting with small movements, its circles around the parents will grow larger and larger. The same is valid for companies or societies. Always further, higher, farer, longer, bigger, better, quicker … . Normally.



But if restrictions are present, this development will be less automatic – up to nothing. As in universe, before the big bang. When tremendous forces squeezed everything to a point, to nothing. These restrictions in our world are not only country frontiers hindering the liberty of the population in- and outside. The biggest restrictions are mental ones: education, society, religion, politics, … and even fiscal and financial barriers, in the end, are all mental barriers, imposed on us by ourselves. Mostly not allowing us, to think different.


And if no liberty and respect for other thinking is allowed, then we might ignore Newton and continue with Aristotle. Matter tends to achieve standstill – let us do the same. Keep in our barriers. Do nothing. And not allowing anyone to do nor think something.



Universe has been growing since 13.8 billion years – and nowadays even faster than ever before. One of the main rules seems to be the “liberty” – for each “planet” and “star” to go and optimize its own way.


Our rules are wrong. We are hindering ourselves. Mankind hinders it´s automatic growth-potential with their self-imposed rules. Universe “knows” that growth is fundamental – otherwise all will implode. Restrictive politicians and groups don´t know. Trying to conduct all via intervening by too much regulations up to too much capital and fiscal interactions disturb the natural human growth.


Liberty was one of the main points our grandfathers set as a new law, when they liberalized in diverse revolutions. This old liberty has been squeezed continuously, by other persons trying to get power. Imposing always more and more mental rules. We today are surrounded by so much doe´s and don´ts that development and growths is extremely hindered.


The liberty for movement and growth, which universe has - due to endless space - is not transferable to our world, as space is limited here. But, on the other hand, territory is no longer as important as some invaders think and have thought in former times. Mankind endless “space” is the liberty of our ideas. Any suppression of ideas and thinking-different will restrain liberty and growth – more than any frontier concerning the liberty of space in our universe.



There are tremendous amounts of things in everybody´s mind-wish-list. If just a small part of them could be realised tremendous growth might be possible. This wish list is the energy that thrives our growth – corresponding to the movement-energy within the planets. Planets have the liberty to realize their way. Mankind not (yet).



Let´s look at further astronomy rules in the following weeks – and apply them to economy challenges.


These will be some of the ideas in the second book of Albert Bright:





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