if pushed, matter accelerates - if promoted, mankind as well

if pushed, matter accelerates &

if promoted, mankind as well

Matter will move faster when pushed: in close correlation to the matters involved.  The 2nd Newton-Law from 1686.


Humans behave the same. Motivate a child and it will do what is required. Motivating adults gets a little bit more difficult, because of more "matter" involved ...


... but what matters, is not the "physical matter" as in universe, it´s more the "mental matter" of all does and donts what decelerates. 


In space pushing is what counts for speed; and speed is a central aspect for growth in universe; and without growth it will collapse.

And as space has no barriers but liberty, the pushing-effect adds to 100% acceleration effect (in correlation to the matters involved).


On our earth (self-) motivation is what counts for ingenuity; and ingenuity is a central aspect for a growing wealth of nations. And without growth, as well on our earth, economy and wealth will collapse.  But, whereas matter in universe can expand in liberty, human dreams on our earth mostly can´t (yet). 100% accelaration without liberty leads to nothing. Liberty without (external) acceleration leads to something: via self-motivation. The value of (individual) liberty, therefore, is higher than (state) acceleration or intervention (very often into misleading directions)


Clashing or braking destroy matter. Prohibitions and suppression destroy souls and minds.


Applying astronomic rules to economic challenges would initiate a big wave of wealth growth. Give (universal) liberty and (push or self-) motivate mankind / companies. That´s Newton´s second law  applied to economy-growth ... 


See book: Astron-Economic Solutions – a new model of economy, Albert Bright, 2015,


at: www.universesolving.com.




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