Newton vs. Einstein = Keynes vs. Liberalism = implosion vs. expansion

gravitation vs. energy =

Newton vs. Einstein =

Keynesianism vs. Liberalism


The 3rd Newton-Law (matters tend to attract themselves – in close correlation to their volumes and depending on their distances) and its application to planets and stars (planets move around their central star in correlation to their  gravitation-powers) and their velocities ... under-estimated the power of “energy” – energy, which as well is to be found within the “velocity” of the planets and stars.


May be, that this underestimation came from watching the very slow flying planets of our sun-system: Mercury (47 km/s, 88 days for main way around the sun); Earth (29 km/s, 365 days around the sun); Neptune (5 km/s, 165 years around the sun).


But Newton over-estimated the influence of gravitation – the same way, as Keynes-fans over-estimate the influence of state interventions.


Gravitation – in its "normal" appearance - is the softest power in universe – and by the way, it is the only force, that does not correlate with all other forces. As well state influencing possibilities are very small – in "normal" circumstances – and by the way, (mainly centralizing, power-absorbing) politics do not really correlate with private industry.


If there comes a comet or another planet and collides/pushes one of the planets of the solar system, that planet, getting just a little bit more speed, may definitely leave its circle around the solar system. If there comes another state and gives a better tax, many companies may use that lower tax in order to grow faster with the money saved – and abandon their old “solar system” towards the new state.


If politicians, in order to get more power, close frontiers and/or impose more centralization, this in the end will lead to a collapse of the system. When companies must follow the gravitation of a state, the state will be misleading them all towards its central gravity, away from and out of their actual circles of liberty. Too much gravity leads to implosion of the star and may be to a black hole, destroying all.


Whereas a lot of politicians and many economy-scientists (Keynesians) still are on the level of Newton-Laws, the rest of the independent world is following Einstein – and by doing so, still keeping the world alive, with liberalism via speed and expansion (see next blog, following soon).



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