energy yields work & work yields energy

energy yields work  


work yields energy


For physicists energy is the capacity to do work. The “work” may have positive and negative effects – in physics and economy.


At the Hiroshima bomb only 650g Uranium (only 1% of the 64t-uranium in the bomb) exploded. They destroyed 50 km² and led to a cloud reaching 64 km into the sky – and to the death of 250,000 people. On the other hand, positive acting energy may lead to "matter", like our earth – and to its velocity of own rotation and circulation around the sun. Without that positive working energies, matter would implode.


In the theory of Astron-Economics (Albert Bright), work converts matter into products or services – with a higher energetic status, thus more required – leading to expanding rotations within the economy. But caution is needed, as too much concentration leads to im- & ex-plosions.


And the definite initialization of that “im-/explosions” mostly is a minimal change in “saturation” or "scarcity" – the wordings being valid for physics (uranium) as well as for economics (bubbles).


1929, i.a., there was too much money on the market, too much concentration of each state on itself and too much state interventions …  – and finally "small" effects (the crash of first the London and then the New-York bourses) lead to a big worldwide economy crisis. Starting in 2008 the crash of one NY-bank, Lehman-Brothers, lead to a worldwide crisis: in the first step within the bank- and state- finance-sectors but in the second step to cash-flow-problems world- and all-sectors-wide.


Actually (like the NY 1929- or 2008-crashes or 1945 the explosion of 650g Uranium) the (economic) effects of any “small change” at some place of this world may lead to big negative effects worldwide, as nowadays markets again are extremely “powered”,  means full of “virtual-money” and “virtual-models” with a lot of side-effects, and additionally there is a too strong concentration (following gravitation-thoughts of Newton) and too much and strong state-regulations (planets not being able to go their normal own ways as should be, according to Einstein - see as well last 2 blogs).


The actual “energy” within the markets must be used in a better way. There are solutions – and we hope to open minds and widen and optimize actual thinkings and actings by introducing astronomy-correlations toward economy-challenges.


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