The Team

Who We Are

We are a fast growing social-community looking to increase the wealth in every corner of our earth.


If you want to assist, just send a message to:


We appreciate very much everybodys help and will continue to add vision, mission and strategic aspects to this page.

Our History

The idea of transferring astronomy-rules to economy-challenges and solutions was born in 01-2014 - after the  so called "mini-crisis" of 2012/2013 which lead to very deep changes in i.a. cash-flow, credits, state-/bank-debts - and to the European Central Bank financing states and banks to the "whatever-it-takes"-level-statement of its President Mario Draghi.


Since the a lot of ideas have emerged - and continue to develop.


We will keep you up-to-date, if you send a message to


Thanks for your enthusiasm