Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton formulas are being combined in this book, leading to a new model of universe. Inspired by Stephen Hawking and with the help of Wikipedia the author, Albert Bright, developed a new dimension of universe. - Astronomic Solutions - A new Model of Universe - Introducing new dimensions - Measuring with powons and POW - Introducing an economic view at astronomy - Mathematically unifying Einstein with Newton.

70 fascinating pages with 16 drawings illustrating the incredible dimensions of universe.


Exciting from beginning till end. And written in an understandeable way.

The first part of the book is an easy introduction to the mayor forces, dimensions and components ("FDCs") of universe for new interested people in this fascinating sector.


The second part extrapolates philosophically and mathematically FDCs: relativizing Einstein by extrapolating Newton via correltaing their formulas; implementing a new force-dimension: "powon" (like photon for light-colors); introducing a new universe-model: "POW": the sum of all powons of all FDCs leads to POW, and POW has the same value everywhere in universe, despite different FDC-concentrations; generating a model which might integrate gravitation and quantum aspects within the other forces.


The third part deals with looking for correlations and facts in the universe, to confirm the aspects of the models constructed.


As a fourth aspect, this book aims to open minds towards multidimensional thinking - in order to be able to relativize things, to go ahead of "established" thoughts, and improve creativity.


And: first steps towards applying astronomy rules to economy challenges are taken.


The books, due to all the new models and findings, were presented as a tetralogy to the Nobel-Prize-Committees.

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