Einstein, Newton-, Keynes-, Monetarism-, Centralism-, ..-Ideas are being combined in this book, leading to a new model of economy. Inspired by S. Hawking, with Wikipedia & as a master of economy, Albert Bright, developed a new dimension of economy.
www.universesolving - astronomy meets economy - The new Model of Economy - Introducing an astonomic view at economy - Implementing the second economic theory deriving from nature, after Quesnays blood-circle-model of 1758.

100 surprising and convincing pages with 17 graphs explaining the parallel aspects between astronomy and our economies.

A guide to improve economy-policy - and increase the wealth of nations. 

By applying astronomy-rules to economy-challenges "astroneconomics" is the second theory (after - the nobel-prized - Francois Quesnay´s blood-circuits comparisons), which derives from natural aspects.

Astron-Economic Solutions is devided in three main devisions:


The first compares astronomy aspects  with many economy aspects, to familiarise with the dimensions.


In the second part, an economy-model is being developed with the rules of antronomy formulas being applied to economy challenges.


In the third part all influencing aspects are chequed, if they meet ciruit-requirements, as, if no circuits are achieved in or/and between the sectors, these will not be stable to be considered as a model.


The model shows, that liberty is the best way to go. The universe is expanding since 13,8 billion years - continuously quicker. The earth economy is - again! - not relly growing since a decade - and suffering big crisis again and again. The power and know-how of states are far to small to influence all involved aspects in the right way. Thus the disequilibria created by statal interventions lead to wealth destruction. Universal liberty helps.


A lot of models and comparisons in this book open minds towards multidimensional thinking in a new way.


Theory and reality is introduced, compared and applied in a good and comprehensive way. 


The books, due to all the new models and findings, were presented as a tetralogy to the Nobel-Prize-Committees.



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