AstronTimeOnomy Solutions

- a new model for economy and humanity. 


 This is the third book of the tretralogy planed and written by Albert Bright.


Albert Bright aimed at becoming the second inventor constructing an economy-model based on nature-rules - like the Nobel-Prized Francois Quesnay, who compared the circuits of blood in our bodies with the circuits of money and goods in economy.


For plausibillity reasons this tretralogy started by analysing the main astronomy rules which might be appliable to an economy model in his 1st  book. With these basic explanations he constructed a general economy-model based on astronomy rules in his second book. Having as well this basis, he could introduce his final ideas, of exchanging (or at least relativizing the importance of) money by time - and by doing so, he becomes the first modern-time thinker, who does not rely on (mainly) money any more.


Additionally he turns around a lot of human rules. A tremendous step toward more humanity in this world.


As well this model ends up being a central model for all ideas and theories of "Garanteed Basis Income" / "Garantiertes Gundeinkommen".


A revolution that keeps the old values of money without destroying ownerships - but relativizing them - and providing the main power to each single person, to decide its own life.



“AstronTimeOnomy Solutions, a new model for humanity” is a fascinating voyage into the dimensions of time.


At the same time a central theory for all ideas about "Garanteed Basis Income" / "Garantiertes Grundeinkommen" has been developed in this book. 


After looking at time-dimensions a formula for “time” is generated out of actually valid universe-formula – relativizing time and changing views, in a similar way, as Albert Bright already did in his 1st book: relativizing Einstein via extrapolating Newton; and  2nd book: applying astronomy rules to economy challenges.


Emphasizing the importance of time-dimensions, Bright relativizes the importance of money-based economy-models. He shows that the misuse of “virtual money” is leading to a big bubble, which might explode, if not relativized in time: with time, the time-dimension. And as money does not exist in universe-rules, he concludes:


“Time is money?” OK: “Money, be time!”


Albert Bright shows, that in nowadays times, (the importance of) money can easily be relativized by time, or run parallel, with  time accounts – and gives suggestions of how to do - and how to prevent misuse. At the same time he shows, that the actual focus on money will be turned towards humanity, as each person will be given a time-bonus, which each person might use in its own way - the same way, as the planets use their given matter/ energy-“ bonus” (via, i.a., a big-bang) for being able to go their own ways (as Albert Einstein discovered 100 years ago).



The books, due to all the new models and findings, were presented as a tetralogy to the Nobel-Prize-Committees.




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