AstronManagOnomy Solutions


Part 1


In Part 1 of this trilogy a first introduction to astronomy-rules for business-solutions is been described in the beginning.


But this first part mainly concentrates on the astronomy-rules in order to get everybody to a level to understand that astro-nomy - and why it makes sence to apply to business-challenges.


Here, there are being presented: 1) the invention of the equation for "space" (after having invented and presented the equation for "time" in the book "AstronTimeOnomy); 2) the correlations between "space" and "time"; 3) the correlations of "space" and "time" with the other dimensions and forces (energy, matter, speed, ...); 4) the discovery of a formula for "black" matter (not keeping "black" any more); 5) the discovery of a formula for "black" energy (not keeping "black" any more; 6) the explanation for why the planets/stars in the outer hemisphere of Galaxies (apparently) are flying too slow, compared to too little matter/gravitation in the centre of the galaxy; ...


In the previous book, "AstronTimeOnomy", mainly the Macro-Economy-Aspects of TIME where analysed. Astronomic time seems to be more a macro-dimension - and space more a business-dimension. Each single time-carrier (star, planet, company, inhabitant, animal, plant, ...) looks for more space - and its own way within society with its own space-absorbing forces - as Albert Einstein discovered to be the case in astronomy. These space-aspects are now being applied to business by Albert Bright. 


The book has just been presented to The Britisch Library ( ISBN 978-0-9930836-8-6 ) - and its findings have as well been presented to the Nobel-Prize-Committees.


Part 2 (finished & purchable January 2017)


In the following book (Part 2) astonomy ideas and findings of the former books are being applied to business dimensions in order to orientate towards


+ better Customer Relation Management

+ far better Benchmarking possibillities,

+ increased Employee-Engagement and

+ forward better tools for a better Strategic-Planing.


These are the 4 main sectors, managers were looking at in 2015, as a report from Bain&Company shows. We are providing additional and alternative perspectives to all those sectors. 


Part 3 (finished & purchable January 2017)

The third book (Part 3) of "AstronManagOnomy will present tools on how to handle all the dimension in order to construct and implement the best strategy for each company.